Day 365 – A Year Later

Today (well, yesterday, but I was sick, so bear with me) marks the 365th (and final) day of this blog. It has been a trip! This has been a great experiment for me – trying to find the positive in every day. Some days were harder than others, but I managed it! I decided to look back over my year, and it’s been quite interesting to see what makes me tick. I present this chart:


It was interesting to create this chart, and see what really makes me tick. Making healthy choices, eating, spending time with friends, being productive and doing theatre are the clear winners (which doesn’t surprise me!) Finding time to sleep and relax was something I felt victorious about, which means I maybe need to slow down a bit! Money and buying stuff didn’t rank very high, but becoming a grownup did. It was also interesting to see the ebb and flow of the year – being healthy only came in about June, as did Web Development, where as travel was mostly in April.

I started this adventure to see if I could get to a good place. This time last year I was really in despair – I felt really stuck and down, and so unsure of myself. Doing this everyday has helped me find focus, and find the positive. It also helped me make positive choices (sometimes I needed something to blog about!) It made me realise the things that make me happy, and encouraged me to do them more. This year saw me land a new job, quit smoking, and start a theatre company. It was the year I decided to go to the gym, work at the skating rink for the first time, and the year I turned 30! This was a year where I made a lot of friends, lost some along the way, and started to reconnect with family. I feel so much better for having done this, and would encourage anyone who reads this to do it to – even just in a journal for your own consumption. Finding the positive in every day has helped me get to the best place I’ve been at in a long loooooooooong time. I feel happy, focused, zen, and inspired.

So, I won’t be doing this blog every day anymore. This seems like a great place for it to end – it’s done it’s job, and I’ve done it for a whole year. However, I will be keeping the¬†positive spirit of it alive! I recently joined Tumblr, which is a sort of blog site where you can curate your own collection of things from all other the net, plus write stuff yourself. This is what I’ll be doing – my blog will be a mix of victories that I write, and stuff that makes me smile or inspires me! If you have Tumblr, you can follow me, or if you don’t, you can still read what I’ve posted by going to:¬†

Thanks to everyone who has read, supported, or featured in my blog over the past year – you guys are all amazing!

So…what was your victory?


Andra xo


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