Days 349 to 355: A Week of Victories

I realise I have not written¬†all week! I was just having such a good one, I didn’t stop to write it down! So I know present, for your consideration, last week’s victories:


Day 349 – Today, I convinced myself to get up and go to the gym, which was especially hard since it was really cold and dark.

Day 350 – Today, I had a singing lesson where I found a song that I like to sing, and doesn’t sound rubbish. I also got to fulfill a lifelong dream of puppeteering for film!

Day 351 – Today, I went to Alan Cumming’s book launch, and got to go backstage and meet him! He was really nice, and it was a great evening.

Day 352 – Today, we ran all of Act 1 of the play. It’s not looking bad, and only really needs tweaking and adjusting – so yay!

Day 353 – Today, I actually had a kind of good time at work! I was in a meeting with an academic colleague that I really click with, and we had a great discussion and a few laughs!

Day 354 – Today, I got the chance to FaceTime with three people I love very much: my friend Colin (about his new website that I’m building), my Mom (with bonus appearance of my Stepdad), and my friend Michael (where a 10 minute quick chat turned into at least 20 minutes.) I love video chat¬†– it makes me feel so much more connected to friends and family far away!

Day 355 – Today, I tried yoga for the first time, and it was amazing! It was really hard work (I’ve never sweat that much) and at the end, I felt really calm. Consider me a convert!


So, there you go – a whole week’s worth! I’ll get back to doing it every day for the last 10 days of the victory year!

What were your victories this week? Post them in the comments!


Andra xo

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